South Central, "The Day I Die" (Steve Glashier)

Controvertida experiencia visual la que plantea Steve Glashier con este "The Day I Die". ¿Reflexión sociológica o simple recreación violenta?...el propio director responde en su perfil de vimeo:

"In an era in which violent games such as Call of Duty, Manhunt and GTA are the biggest grossing forms of entertainment, and violent imagery is penetrating our political debate, is the violence we consume in our entertainment desensitising us to the real violence reported by the media from trouble spots, war zones and 'civilised' countries around the world? Of course it could be that through desensitisation you are left unmoved – which why you see South Central walk through the scene, oblivious to the carnage happening around them. They appear like grim reapers drifting through this violent reality. In 'Day I Die' you are looking through the gun sight, and the question is are you, at the same time, pulling the trigger?"

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Leo Aldo dijo...

muy original este video, las vocales suenan excelente, buena aportacion a la escena electronica ^^)

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