Everything Everything, "Final Form" (Jon Everything)

Hacía tiempo que en Top of the clips no se incluía un videoclip performance. Pues bien, "Final Form" tiene de todo: actuación y retórica efectista con buenas dosis de distorsión y proyecciones en directo. El productor Phil Tidy nos revela algunos detalles desde su perfil de Vimeo:

Shot on Red MX and a variety of weird lenses the band performed and then for parts of the day had these shots reprojected over themselves to create some arresting images. The 3d post elements were supplied by Adam Comiskey at Pew36 and evolve from single cells to see John everything as a Chromosomic mask syncing to the track. Its good when a band are not interested in going to top shop with the stylist and want to help carry gear and generally be nice and creative. 

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