Mint Julep, "Aviary" (a nice idea every day)

El combo de directores alemanes "a nice idea every day" retoman una técnica ya utilizada en uno de sus trabajos anteriores ("Doubtful comforts") para este "Aviary". Dicha técnica consiste en una simulación 3D sin necesidad de utilizar engorrosas gafas, pero mejor que ellos mismos se expliquen:

"The basic idea behind our ‘camera shift’ technique is to shoot a scene with two cameras from a slightly different angle but with the same focal point – basically like traditional 3D, but then to alternate between the two cameras in the edit to create a kind of 3D image without the need of fiddly 3D glasses" 

“There’s a lot of technical work connected with this technique this but probably the hardest part is to track the focal point in the post–production as in most of the shots the camera or/and the actors are in movement and there’s a new focal point every frame” (fuente: Promo News)

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