Jack White, "Sixteen Saltines" (AG Rojas)

Hace algunas semanas veíamos lo último de AG Rojas, "Hey Jane", como un interesante relato en clave "short film" para Spiritualized. Una historia familiar de grotescas consecuencias y reivindicativas interpretaciones tratadas con clara intención cinematográfica. Y es que AG Rojas es un director que forma  sus vídeos musicales en torno a un lenguaje y una semiótica que le debe mucho al séptimo arte, sin por ello censurar cierta tendencia a la espectacularidad efectista de unos videoclips de impacto como es el caso de este surrealista "Sixteen Saltines". Os dejo con algunos comentarios del director en referencia a este videoclip publicados en una entrevista para Surface to Air:

"That was definitely one of the wildest, most fun shoots I’ve been on. When you’re given the appropriate amount of resources, you can let your imagination really take control. I always love working with teenagers because you never know what you’re gonna get. It’s somewhat of a risk, but when it works – it’s magic. I put them in situations that are completely foreign and surreal to them, but also fun. I love that they’re gonna have stories to tell for years. Like, “I was in a music video once and I flew.” Hopefully they get laid because of it."

"Spontaneity is King in music videos. With the kind of videos I do, we don’t storyboard and my shot lists are very loose. It’s all about being open to changes and to new ideas on set. There are so many crucial moments in my videos that would not have happened if everyone on set and in the cast had not been on the same page as me about embracing spontaneity. There are a lot more tears, blood and hurt feelings this way, but the videos turn out much more special."

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