Chvrches, "Lies" (Sing J. Lee)

Estética futurista en lo nuevo de los escoceses Chvrches, "Lies". Segundo videoclip de Sing J. Lee para dicha banda de synthpop y misma estructura narrativa aunque estéticas muy diferentes. Si en "The mother we share" el protagonismo venía de la vida en la Gran Manzana, en este "Lies" la elegancia futurista toma el relevo junto a unos planos de los propios Chvrches en donde el juego de luces y sombras resulta especialmente atractivo. Una combinación que dota al videoclip de una estructura formal más armonizada. Quizás, el propio director pueda explicarnos mejor algunos aspectos del vídeo musical (vía PromoNews):

"The idea for ‘Lies' first came about from the grinding industrial sounding synths that fire up the intro. That really cemented a certain cold, dystopian aesthetic in my head. The lyrics fit so perfectly with that and instantly formed a thematic narrative and concept thereafter - a Futuristic Sci-Fi based fantasy straddled between a virtual world and reality, with characters being influenced by onscreen examples of what/how they should feel and others being consumed by their own virtual reality world. 

"The third act surprise worked well with our previous video, The Mother We Share, and I wanted to kick this video up a gear in the final third again - so we called up our good friends at Drop City Ltd. and deployed a 360º Rig into the mix. The results exceeded our expectations, I couldn't get enough of them - everyone loves a bit of magic"

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