Father John Misty, "Things would have been helpful to know before the revolution" (Chris Hopewell)

El mensaje distópico visto desde una perspectiva en stop-motion.

Director: Chris Hopewell Video Production House: Jacknife Films Video Producer: Rosie Lea Brind Editor: Tom Weller Director of Photography:  Jon Davey  Art Direction: Chris Hopewell Key Animators: Roos Mattaar, Cadi Catlow, Virpi Kettu, Louis McNamara Art Department: Holly Jo Beck, Chris Hopewell, Rosie Lea Brind, Bonnie Griffin, Jo Garland, Siobhan Raw, Rebecca Prior, Elaine Andrew, Lucy Roberts, Mary Murphy, Alison Garner, Zoe Veness, Andy Stewart and Louis McNamara Edit/Grade: Tom Weller Digital compositing: Jon Davey and Tom Weller at Jacknife and Bill Pollock at Bonch Director’s Manager/Rep: Molly Bohas sub pop

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